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  • Terrazas del Calafate Hotel
    Terrazas del Calafate Hotel

    El Calafate

    Modern and cozy, each corner of Terrazas del Calafate offers a space for a pleasant stay which invite visitors to shelter in the sleepy quietness of El Calafate. The hotel...

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  • Las Balsas
    Las Balsas

    Villa La Angostura

    Patagonia is the last inhabitable land before the South Pole and continues to fascinate all of those who come here. And Las Balsas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful...

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  • Casino Magic Hotel
    Casino Magic Hotel


    Casino Magic Hotel has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, with the best cuisine, shows, and all the amenities you are looking for. With an international High Level Design, the hotel...

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